There’s Another Pyramid?

Dr. Rashid Rishad, “the dean of Egyptian antiquities”, has made a lucrative career for himself. He has become a one-man controller of all archeological work in Egypt. No archeologist can excavate without his permission. That approval is readily forthcoming if the sponsoring institution makes a substantial “donation” to a local charity that’s controlled, if not actually owned, by Dr. Rishad’s brother.

A team of trained archeologists from The University of Illinois recently made the required donation. “We feel,” explained Dr. Peter. B. Gundroon, “that there is another pyramid, directly below the visible part of the Great Pyramid. It is upside down. The Great Pyramid is built on top of it, and the entire structure forms a diamond-like shape.”

Dr. Rishad, on being acquainted with this theory, required that a far larger donation than usual be made. Excavations have begun. A shaft is being sunk from which a horizontal tunnel will be dug into the exact spot that Dr. Gundroon and his team feel that another burial chamber will be found, deep underground, where the “hidden pyramid” mirrors the one above.