They became Protestant and died.

One of the great laws of God’s Kingdom is summed up by its efffects:  They became Protestant and died.   Is there proof of this bizarre statement about the effects of His great and universal law:  They became Protestant and died?  The Letters of St. Paul offer clear, convincing evidence.

He wrote letters to groups of early Catholic converts He had made from Mainland Greece to the great cities and peoples in what’s now Turkey.  They were among the first holy people.  Other disciples converted Armenia, Scythia, Egypt, and the rest of North Africa.

He wrote, often praising their faith, guiding when they had gone astray.

St. Paul, and the other apostles, told people what they must do to have everlasting life.  They had to be good Catholics.

In the 300s and 400s, Donatist Protestants had split and weakened The Church in North Africa.  Those nations were invaded, first by Vandals, then by Moslems.  Why?  What happened?  They became Protestant and died.

By the 600s, the Greek Church was splitting from Rome.  As their schism grew, it became obvious at there was the same, powerful law at work:  They became Protestant and died.   Like North Africa, every generation saw more of the newly Protestant lands submerged in the Moslem Sea.

What was the one thing that all these lands and peoples had in common?  They left The Church.  They became Protestant and died.

As it is with nations, so it is with families and individuals.

Obviously, there is a  great, powerful, and universal law at work, and we describe it in five words:  They became Protestant and died.