“They’re mad because they’re jealous.”

Anger comes from demons who live in the Spiritual Bandwidth between Irritation and Rage.  Anger is understood in a sentence: “They’re mad because they’re jealous.”

The first example of “They’re mad because they’re jealous.” was in The Garden of Eden.   The angels saw the Intellect behind Creation.  A third of them were consumed with jealousy.  “We hate God for being so much smarter than us!   We can’t destroy Him, but we can destroy the souls of His beloved humans!”

Jealousy told the first actors in The Big Movie, “Eat the apple, and you’ll be smart!”   Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden.  One son, Cain, was so consumed with jealousy that he murdered his own brother.

Later, the set of The Big Movie was updated with mountain ranges, continents, layers of rock, fossils, and other distractions caused by the huge tidal wave of The Big Flood.  As long as Noah’s children were properly obedient, they lived in The Garden of Eden.  Soon, they got jealous of God and those close to Him.

With Abraham, The Garden was re-established.  As long as his children remained obedient, they lived in their own Garden of Eden.

Then, The Promised Messiah fulfilled The Prophecies.  The Garden of Eden reappeared in a totally new form.  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Evil had a focus!  Every tribe of demons, Pride, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, and Sloth turned their hatred of God upon The Only Church He Founded.  Clouds of destructive spirits, many barely bigger photons and electrons, attacked!  They drove those they possessed to kill Jesus!  Then, all His disciples.  After those First Catholic Bishops had been put to painful death, the demons turned their rage upon all the early Catholics.

Waves of persecution followed.  In every generation, His obedient sheep say:  “We won’t eat your apple.  We will be obedient to The Only Church Jesus Founded and be grateful to God for giving us the gift of eternal life in Heaven.”

Lost souls know that God could have made them more than they are and He didn’t.  Rather than count their many, many blessings, they are angry because they don’t have more.  “They’re mad because they’re jealous.”