“This is the smartest man who ever lived!”

I was blessed to spend my last year of high school in a Benedictine College.  A Protestant, I had never heard of St. Thomas Aquinas.  I remember reading his “Proofs for the existence of God”.

I looked up at the wall in stunned, Protestant astonishment!  I still remember saying to myself:

“This is the smartest man who ever lived!”


This word of St. Thomas Aquinas stayed with me.  “.  .  it should be noted that knowledge is higher to the degree that it is more unified and extends to more things.”


With all my heart, I hope St. Thomas Aquinas will find my gratitude worthy of his acceptance.  Following his words helped my life become “unified” while it “extends to more things”.

Catholic Fundamentalism explores this wonderful concept!  “God programmed energies and particles.  He compiled them into systems and beings.”

That explains Creation!

Catholic Fundamentalism’s solution to that dilemma is simple.   “God, The Unprogrammed Programmer, is Eternal.  Creation took Form long before the Creation Program was downloaded.

The Creation Program was The Creation Program before it was downloaded by His Speaking It Into Being!”

God’s Word is the Ultimate Reality!  His “First Word”“Let there be light!”


Aristotle and Aquinas come together when we understand that The Programmer, The Program, and Programming are both the same and different.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggest those Words from our Electron Age are a better way for us to understand the Iron Age Words describing The Holy Trinity:  “Three Persons in One God”.

The difference between Aristotle and The Church is simply understanding that The Programmer, The Program and Programming are the same and different.

So are The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, the Three Persons in One God.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

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