Those in schism pay The Church a profound compliment.

Those who criticize The Church rarely say anything bad about the basic teachings.  Instead, their arguments are focused on the real and imagined sins of the ordained.  In this way:  Those in schism pay The Church a profound compliment.

That’s important for Catholics to understand.  An “argument ad hominum”, an “argument against the man” is always the result of an inability to find errors in thought or belief.  Those who criticize The Church do so almost exclusively by focusing on the occasional bad behavior of ordained clergy.

This site defends The Church, and allows people to criticize.  From their endless, usually irrational criticism, we learn, over and over again:  The Church’s critics are in schism and they focus almost exclusively on human failings of the Catholic clergy.

Actually, the near-universal tendency of schismatics to focus not on the teachings or doctrines of The Church, but upon human mistakes and sins is one of the most powerful, and overlooked, compliments that The Church has been given.

What their arguments unwittingly announce to us is:  “The Roman Catholic Church is above and beyond our criticism.  We can only focus on the failures of those within The Church.  We do so because we are truly desperate to maintain our diminishing cash flows, and cannot do so without demeaning whatever is Catholic that we can.”

Catholic Fundamentalism, the new evangelism, is not bashful about pointing out the dire economic necessities that make converts to Catholicism so very, very unaffordable to dying schisms.