How did “The Thousand Year Reign” end?

That property accumulated.  The Catholic Church used it to provide schools, hospitals, orphanages, monasteries, churches, convents, and accommodations for the poor.

The devil hated it!

Demons of greed and gluttony got into many minds:  “If we invent reasons to turn our military forces against The Church, we could get all that land!  We could take over Catholic Churches, schools, universities, hospitals, and social services!  We could become ‘instant billionaires’!”

They hired vain, ambitious men to invent the justifications they needed to become “instant billionaires”.   Henry 8th was the head of the English government.  He had serious medical problems, including massive brain damage from severe concussions caused by falling off his horse in full armor and landing on his head.

Over a million Catholics lost their land and their lives as politically-correct Protestantism replaced Catholicism with the bizarre notion:  “We can kill and steal and go to Heaven!”