The Thousand Year Reign

Over a thousand years before Christ, people asked God to replace The Judges He had provided to guide and rule. “We want a King!” He warned them, “You’ll regret it!” but gave them what they wanted.

A thousand years later, He gave them another King. Jesus Founded The Catholic Church. Over the next five hundred years, The Only Church Jesus Founded guided Europe through the fall of Rome and the invasions of countless tribes in the Migratory Periods.

Then, “The Thousand Year Reign” described in Rev. 20: 4-6.

Between 500 and 1500 AD, Europe was divided politically but united spiritually by The Catholic Church. Over time, forty generations came and went. Each generation left property to The Church. Over the centuries, monasteries, convents, and vast lands were accumulated.

Temporal possessions allowed Church schools and universities to develop literature, science, and math. Church hospitals provided medical care. Monks with quill pens and ink provided the only books and Bibles there were. Ancient manuscripts from the past were copied, providing the histories we have. Travelers were provided with lodging as they went from place to place. Slavery was done away with.

There were a thousand years of war, invasion, famine, and plague. They alternated with periods of peace and plenty. During The Thousand Year Reign, Europe revolved around its calm, Catholic core.

As Europe prospered, greedy men turned ravenous eyes on the well-cultivated fields and farms of The Church. “No vows of poverty and celibacy for me! I want some of The Church property for myself.”

So, the schisms were born in the womb of greed. New views of Christ and His Church were brought into being. Kings and princes applauded any theology that would transfer money and authority from Church to state. Wild-eyed fanatics shared delusions and fantasies to people washed away by waves of competing desires that took theological form in often depraved denominations.

The schisms that ended The Thousand Year Reign have wildly multiplied. Over 40,000 different denominations lay claim to being “Christian” as the confusion metastasizes. Democracies, with the hordes of bribed, corrupt officials that are its inevitable result, multiply the disorder.

The Thousand Year Reign was shattered by Babel’s schisms. Babies would again be sacrificed on its altars. Evil would rule. A Catholic remnant remains.