Three frequently received questions:

Catholic Fundamentalism gets many questions about The Church.  Three frequently received questions:

Q.   If you guys try to take the Bible as literally as possible, how did Noah get all those animals on the ark?

A.  There is an odd answer as to how Noah got  all those animals onto the Ark.  Animals are living programs.  The essence of each animal is in its DNA.  So, God had His programming assistants (angels) put DNA from all the animals He wanted saved in microscopic test tubes, two by two.  They could have been carried onto the Ark in boxes, jars, trunks, or suitcases.  Well, maybe not suitcases.

Q.  Why should we take Jesus seriously?

A.  Because His coming was predicted, a thousand years before He came, in great detail.  He was said to be born in Bethlehem of a Virgin of the House of David.  He was.  His birth was said to be followed by the killing of babies.  It was, because Herod killed so many children in the Bethlehem neighborhood to eliminate any chance of the prophesied person.  An overlooked prophecy was the angel telling Joseph to get the baby to Egypt, immediately!  Altogether, over 300 prophecies refer to Jesus, and to no one else.  It is impossible for that to be explained by coincidence.  The discovery of The Dead Sea Scrolls showed that forgery was impossible.

Q.  Why should we be Catholics?

A.  The Catholic Church was founded when Jesus said to the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  Jesus did not say that to Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, John Calvin,  John Wesley, or any of the other founders of schisms.  He only said it to Peter.  All of us are smart enough to realize the difference.   Jesus also said, “If you obey My Commands, you are My friends.”  Some are smart enough to realize the “implied command” about which Church we should be in.  If we are blessed, we are far-sighted enough to do what’s necessary to stand before Him at Judgment as His friend, rather than an enemy.

Q.  Why can’t Catholics take Communion in other churches?  Why can’t people who aren’t Catholic take Communion in a Catholic Church?

A.  In Catholic Communion, the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Christ.  It must only be given to those who are able to worthily receive it.  Those people are Catholics who are not in a state of mortal sin.  Since others cannot partake of Confession when necessary, they may not receive His Holy Body and Blood.  Catholics are not allowed to participate in such services in other churches because they only offer symbols, not the real Body and Blood.