Today’s Reading is Wonderful! It ends by solving “Catholic Mysteries”. #30.

After Jesus cleaned up the mess in hell, He returned to the tomb.  Catholics solve some remaining “Mysteries”.


Question 1:  “What makes Today’s Reading so ‘wonderful’?”

Answer:  “In Today’s Reading, The Catholic Church shows Holy Links in ‘God’s Living Chain’.  It connects God’s Univcerse-Creating Word > Abraham > Moses > The Prophets > David > Jesus > priests and religious of His Catholic Church > every person on earth who sees The Mystery after The  Resurrection of Jesus!”


Question 2:  “Can everyone see That Holy Connection?”

Answer:  “They can if they want!  It takes ten minutes to read through God’s Holy Links in The Daily Catholic Reading for March 30, 2024, the day before Easter:

Every person on is free to connect our mind and soul to God by reading about each of the links in God’s Holy Chain that has connected Catholics to God, His Church, and this Catholic Mystery for 4,000 years!


Question 3:  “What ‘Catholic Mystery’  connects us to the last links in God’s Holy Chain in Today’s Reading from Mark 16:1-7?”

Answer:  “‘This Catholic Mystery’:   ‘Who are the Holy Women who went to The Tomb of Jesus and were the first to see that Jesus had risen from the dead?”


Question 4:  “Why is that a ‘Mystery’?’

Answer:  “The Four Gospels about The Holy Women at The Tomb name different women!

In Mt. 27:61 , Two Holy Women were at the tomb when Joseph of Arimathea rolled the stone in front of the tomb,   Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene) and Mary, The Mother of James.

Mt 28:1 reports the two women visited the tomb the next morning.  Jesus spoke to them in Mt 28:10 and gave them, and every Catholic who would ever live, His First Two Direct Orders after He conquered death:  Direct Order #1:  ‘Do not be afraid.  For 2,000 years, Catholics have not been ‘afraid’ to obey The Church-Creating Word of Jesus:  ‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’

Direct Order #2.  ‘Go and tell My brothers they must leave for Galilee;’

Then, Jesus made His First Prophecy after His Resurrection:   ‘They will see Me there.’


Question 4.  “Which Holy Women were at The Tomb in Mark 16:1-9?”

Answer:  “Mary of Magdala, the Mother of James, and Salome.”


Question 5:  “Who is ‘Salome’?”

Answer:  “She brings up another ‘Mystery’!  Salome was the wife of Chusa, (Luke 8:3) ‘the steward of Herod’, the King who ordered John the Baptist to be killed.  The ‘Mystery’‘What kind of a marriage did Salome and Chusa have?’


Question 6:  “Which Holy Women were at the tomb in Luke 24:9-10?”

Answer:  “‘Mary Magdalene;   Joanna, and Mary the Mother of James.  ‘Other women were also with them also told the Apostles, but they did not believe them.’

The other women included:   Mary (The Blessed Mother of Jesus, Joseph’s widow); and another Mary;  Mary (Mother of James and Joses/Joseph);  Salome, the wife of Chuza);  Mary Magdalene;  Mary (Mother of Jesus, widow of Joseph of Nazareth).'”


Question 7:  “Which Holy W0men were at The Tomb on Easter Morning in John 20:1-18?”

Answer:  “John 20:1-18:  ‘It was very early in the morning on the first day of the week when Mary of Magdala came to the tomb.’  She immediately ran to Peter and John.  John got there first, but showed his respect for The First Pope’s Position by letting Peter precede him in entering the tomb.  ‘Until this moment they had failed to understand The Teaching of The Scripture, that Jesus must rise from the dead.’


One solution of “The Mystery of The Women at The Tomb”  considers two simple facts:  The First Person in whom Jesus appeared is His Blessed Mother, Mary.  The First person to see that Jesus had risen from the dead was another woman named “Mary”.

Another “Catholic Mystery” is solved.  We see why so many Catholic girls are named “Mary”!


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Happy Easter!  A new, free book to read and share:

May God also bless us to take these Words of St. Faustina into our minds!  The best book of the last Century is <em>“The Diary of St. Faustina”</em>. It lets each of us realize how much Jesus loves our souls.