There are two kinds of morons, intellectual and spiritual

There are two kinds of morons, intellectual and spiritual. The Programmer allows frauds to exist. They’re a handy way to identify how smart and how truthful people are and offer Him an easy way to measure faithfulness.

Global Warming, the most magnificent fraud since Marxism, separates the intellectual morons from those able to see the falsity. It also separates those who embrace fraud for gain (the moral morons) from people who prefer truth to popularity.

After weighing the evidence, only an intellectual moron could actually believe in a fraud like Global Warming.

Those who purposely ignore the evidence of solar-induced global warming, which, incidentally, warms distant Neptune at the same rate the earth warms, are “moral morons”. They have put Babylon ahead of God, and put their souls at risk of eternal agony. They violate two Commandments, putting faith in popular belief ahead of God and they bear false witness.

Many make a living by not just ignoring, but by inventing, lies, distortions, and exaggerations to fool people into believing that man-made global warming is a great danger. Such people are more involved in this “complex fraud”, as Dante labeled such deceptions.

The punishment meted out to the worst of the “moral morons” is far greater than that given to the “intellectual morons” whom they bamboozle.