God cannot save those who refuse to believe and obey.

The beast described in the Book of Revelation has tried to destroy The Church since the earliest plots against Christ.  Its attacks continue into our own times.  Bella Dodd was one of America’s highest ranking Communists.  She turned from the Party and became a Catholic.   She testified, in the 1950s:  “I, myself, put some 1,200 men (Communists)  in Catholic seminaries.”

Bella Dodd worked hard to help the beast destroy The Church from within.  She ended up joining The Church she’d tried to wreck.  Most who follow the beast are not so fortunate as to repent, confess, and be saved.  They continue to undermine The Church.  A few are able infiltrate Catholic schools, universities, parishes, and dioceses.  While doing so, they promote themselves and their fellow saboteurs.

The beast’s attacks on truth and life are given credence by each nation’s pseudo-intellectuals.  They pollute The Church and the world with heresies of evolution and environmentalism.  The truth of Augustine and Aquinas is undermined by those who worship idols of  liberty, equality, and fraternity.  Even Catholic universities are overrun with manic lunacies.   “Academic Freedom” undermines the need for any hierarchy at all.  The beast’s followers  destroy the understanding that a chain of command reaches from God to Pope to Bishop to Priest to laity.

Vatican II seemed to agree.  Logic and truth seemed to back away from the idols of feeling.  The Church appeared to retreat from many positions held since Peter was Pope.

As The Church seemed to be changing, Communism was actually collapsing.  Now, the leading agent of the beast is a coalition of environmentalists and Mohammedans.  The former strive to achieve status and wealth they are unable to obtain in free markets.  The latter need to maintain high margins on energy exports so they can afford to keep sending more people into formerly Christian nations.

Invaders disguised as immigrants are bankrupting governments with demands for services the European people can’t afford.  They are forced to provide endless sums to the invaders by their own public officials, who have been heavily bribed to favor the incursion.

Other bureaucrats are bribed to destroy Europe’s energy-creating abilities.  Environmentalists are rewarded for justifying the replacement of nuclear and coal electricity with windmills.   The cost of staying warm and keeping the lights on is bankrupting Europeans, except for growing numbers of Mohammedans on welfare.

Balancing budgets by abortion is no different than cutting government spending with child sacrifice in Canaan lands three thousand years ago.  He turned His face from Europe exactly in proportion to Europeans turning from Him.  His punishment is clearly being inflicted on atheistic and agnostic Europeans because they are more focused on sex and materialism than on children and The Church.

The Scourge of God, Mohammedan populations swelling from tens of thousands to tens of millions in one European area after another, is lashing deeply into Europe’s decadent countries.  Those who turned from God are now abandoned by Him.  Loyal citizens can’t even have their heavily bribed governments and police agencies defend lives and property.  Mohammedans have taken over huge cities.  Native Europeans are routinely attacked, robbed, and violated in every way.   God’s revenge is clear.  God’s scourge falls on those who have turned from Him.

Five hundred years ago, in the prelude to the massive Mohammedan defeat at Lepanto, the Pope, in the words of Chesterton, “Called the Kings of Christendom for swords about the Cross”.  Four hundred years ago, the Papacy called upon Europe, and a brave Polish army saved Vienna from Mohammedan invaders.

Today, the Pope has not even whispered a public prayer for God’s assistance, even as once-great cathedrals are turned into mosques.  Europe’s sinfulness is so great that, without a miracle, the continent will become another Mohammedan nation in which once-Christian peoples will be reduced to the same suffering that Christian minorities have inflicted on them in Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.

The Bible tells us clearly that “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.”  The beast described in the Book of Revelations continues to be allowed to attack the people, and Church, of God.  Clearly, God has abandoned those who abandoned Him. God’s scourge falls on those who have turned from Him.

Pray that we may understand and be spared.