There are two sides. Only two.

Many are confused by the seemingly different parts of society. They ask, “Why is the media so biased in favor of the left?”. Or, “Why are some elected officials doing things that hurt so many of us?”.

These kinds of questions betray a near-paralyzing world view that cripples many well-intentioned people. Things are easier to understand if we simply divide all individuals, as God does, into two groups. Ultimately, there are only two kinds of people, those who love and obey God and those in the Culture of Death.

When we reflect this in our own thinking, we quickly see that most of the media, death-supporting politicians, most celebrities, and leftists of pink, red, and green hues, are all working for the Culture of Death, whose many brigades try to drive us all into the pit.

We, on our side, realize that our most important job is to save our own souls. We do this by supporting life, loving our neighbors, obeying God, doing what is right, and avoiding the temptations that lead us into sin.

Those on the other side will do whatever they can to destroy, “painify”, or shorten life. Those in the Culture of Death despise their neighbors, and make them poorer and less free at every opportunity. In their own lives, they tend to give into sins, which they justify as “enlightenment”, while they go down the broad path to destruction.

Identifying who’s on which side is easy. Making sure that we live on the right side is slightly more difficult, but God certainly would not have programmed things in such a way that it could be too difficult for anyone to be able to summon the will to love and obey Him.