Some understand and become Catholic. Others do neither.

We are encouraged to believe scientists.  Fears and dangers, no matter how imaginary, help governments seem to be important.  “Scientists have discovered a great danger.   We have to keep our people safe.”  Spokesmen for government agencies make such announcements many times a day.

Science that provides evidence, false or not, for the necessary fears and alarm, receives funding.  Serious-looking people with advanced degrees in Fear and Worry provide cover and credibility for what few are able to see as scams.

“Scientists say there are great dangers in _________!”, announce the funding-seekers  Sometimes, the great dangers concern Global Freezing!  In the twinkling of an eye, the same “scientists” can replace it with Global Warming!  Most are unable to realize the depth and extend of such lies.  They never realize that most “news” are the latest efforts to make problems seem “Dangerous, yes.  But we can be saved by making the necessary investments.  With a little more funding, we can be safe from _________.”  That blank may be filled in with rising sea levels, carbon increases, antibiotic resistance, too few whole grains in our diet, obesity, blindness, and a thousand different kinds off pollution.

A few are wise or discerning enough to realize the vastness of the sea of fraud in which we swim.  The more cowardly of the gullible, when aware of the lies, distortions, and exaggerations, will identify themselves as afraid to fight for truth by saying:  “If those people only knew the truth, they would not tell such lies.” Those people are on the “news”, or given voice elsewhere, because they tell those lies so very, very believably.

With rare exceptions, a society’s very best liars are on media display, lying continually about one Imaginary or Created Problem after another.  Each tries to lie better than the other.  Lies, exaggerations, and distortions are important in all governments, especially in those that pretend to be Democracies.  Catholics are likely to understand.

Simpler minds and less courageous souls are unable or reluctant to see the immensity of the frauds around us.  Many simply lack the intellect to see through frauds and  distortions provided by those in favor of government-centered reality.

Most have never considered that The Creation Program was written and downloaded with all the necessary systems and beings to let each of us freely choose either that God made it or that it appeared by accident.

From this point of view, “Science is the study of some aspects of The Creation Program.” Scientists who seek such truths are so rare as to be mostly imaginary.  Most “brave scientists seeking truth” are fictional characters written into books and movies.  An endless diet of that confuses simpler souls who are easily convinced that the usual alarmists are “real scientists” who care more about truth than their endless subsidies.

Such “science” is a necessary part of modern democracies. In the Middle Ages, The Church recognized that “Science is the hand-maiden to Theology.”  Today, that idea is dropped down the memory hole.  In our times, states only subsidize “scientists” who will proclaim:  “The fossil record shows that the world is 20 billion years old, and appeared the result of a series of fortuitous accidents.  The Bible cannot be true.”

No government supports  any scientist who would say:  “The Loving Programmer wanted to give free will to each of His beloved human programs.  He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program so that we free will creatures could look at everything around us and be unable to tell if He made it or it appeared by accident.  He had The Flood provide seams of sedimentary rock and geological formations with a huge, heavy, crust-crushing, magma squirting tidal wave that rolled around the earth.”

No government wants to admit that it is that much less powerful than God.  So, no government would allow a state “scientist” to announce:  “It is also possible that The Flood laid down the fossils, the denser ones sinking first to provide what State hirelings mistakenly describe as ‘The Fossil Record that took billions of years to occur.”

We are each free to choose.  We get a better idea of God’s power by seeing Him as The Loving Programmer.  He writes and downloads actual particles and energies that He brings into being.  His Programming Assistants (“Angels” in the Middle Ages) compiled them into systems and beings.

The Creation Program exists to separate sheep from goats.  Another separation takes place between obedient Catholics and some who choose man-made denominations.