Understanding attacks on The Church

Understanding attacks on The Church is important.  How did a handful of molesters get into The Catholic Church in many nations?  Bella Dodd told us.  She was the 3rd ranking official of The Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s and 40s.

Then, the horrors of countless millions killed by Communists in Russia and China became clear.  Bella Dodd loved truth enough to leave  the Communist Party.  She become a Catholic.  She testified:

“The Communist Party hated The Catholic Church.  The Church had kept them from taking power in Spain.  They attacked The Church by infiltrating over 1,100 men into seminaries and into the priesthood.  Some became Bishops.”

The same agents of evil had gotten into National Security Agencies all over the world.  Compared to them, The Catholic Church was an easy target.

They put some of their agents into seminaries.  Soon, modern Judases were being ordained.  They worked to destroy Catholic Teaching and Authority.  Many Protestants loved the scandals they caused.  So did some in the bureaucracies that profited by replacing low-cost Catholic social, medical, and educational institutions.

When it was understood that standard medical practice, counseling and psychiatric help, did not help, the infiltrators were removed.  We see how wonderfully The Church got rid of the wave of infiltrators:

While The Church identified and solved the problem, other agencies did not.   Babylon’s news media are not allowed to tell any truth that threatens funding.  Catholics see how self-serving those agencies are when we compare how well The Church purified Herself with what goes on in Babylon.  We see how unfairly The Church is reviled for a very tiny fraction of what those in approved agencies do:Understanding attacks on The Church shows us how the sins of politically correct groups are ignored.

Did any good come out of the pain and confusion to several thousand young people?  Millions of self-serving, self-righteous people blamed the sins of a few to justify their desire to leave The Only Church Jesus Founded.

God has promised that “all things work together for good”.  Some suggest that God has “weeded His Garden”.