Each of us is a star in The Big Movie.

We began to be at the moment of our conception.  Angels put each us together from the billions of DNA molecules from our ancestors.  Our spirit, mind, and body coalesced around our immortal soul.  We grew from the nutrients provided by our mother.   We are each a miracle.  Each of us is a star in The Big Movie.

Some get into show business.  They are involved in movies and TV.  Those in charge prefer to hire actors who will follow directions.  The better the actors follow directions, the better they do.

Each of us is a star in The Big Movie.  We write our own lines and we play the role we choose.

Many actors hide from this reality:  “God wrote and downloaded The Creation Program in the form of The Big Movie.  He did so in order to separate obedient actors from those who would not follow instructions.  Many actors hate that!

They insist:  “No God could be smart or powerful enough to send galaxies spinning through space as far as our telescopes can see.  No God is smart enough to make plants, animals, and us.  There is no God, there are only accidents.”

Other actors are blessed.  “We know that God provided prophets.  They followed Directions and wrote that A Messiah was coming to give us life and truth.”

The Promised Messiah arrived at the predicted time and place of the prophesied House within the promised Tribe.  The bad actors hated Him!  “We are not going to listen to nonsense about loving our neighbors and doing good to them who hurt you!   Kill Him!”

More prophesies came true.  He was “lifted up before men.”  “No bone of His was broken.”  Then, most astonishingly, He rose from the dead.   Many saw, and were killed for not denying Him.

Good actors follow the directions He left One Church to provide:   “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Each of us is a star in The Big Movie.  The smartest of us follow directions.