Each of us is a star.

Catholic Fundamentalism believes: Each of us is a star.

There are billions of human beings. Each of us is one of The Loving Programmer’s beloved free will programs. That’s all there is to it and to us. He wrote and downloaded each one of our individual programs within the vast Creation Program.

The Creation Program is the set for the huge, 3-D movie in which each of us is The Star of our own performance. He made the set so brilliantly that we can’t prove He made it! He went to that much trouble to provide us with free will. Why? He wanted us to have the opportunity of choosing to believe in Him and obey His Operating Instructions.

So, we may all believe, or not.

All of us have walked by a crucifix. Sometimes, there is a crucified Jesus, hanging in great pain.

“What’s that all about?”, some have sense enough to ask. They find out about the prophecies. They discover that several hundred predictions were made by The Loving Programmer’s spokesmen and written down for a dozen or so centuries. All of them came true with the Man on the Crucifix.

Then, they find out that He Who fulfilled all those prophecies left One Church, saying to the leader He appointed, “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church . . .”

And, the happiest stars in each long-running movie become Catholics. It’s what do, if we are a bright star.

Many delight in bringing more stars to earth. Jesus likes that.