Vanity is always the enemy of truth and salvation.

We can consider the reasonableness of Catholic Fundamentalism, and ask “Why can’t people understand that simply defining God as “A Being Who Can Program Particles, and then compile them into system and beings.” is a big step toward letting people see that it’s reasonable to believe in God?

We are left with an obvious supposition: people just can’t bear to think of a God who’s that much smarter than they are.

We get comfortable with, and attached to, our own ideas about things. Catholic Fundamentalism may help us to admit we’ve spent most of our lives as credulous fools. That’s what most of us were, when we believed nonsensical theories like evolution, global warming, and an earth so ancient that if it were anywhere close to being 20 billion years old, it would have collapsed of its own weight.

The enemy of faith is always vanity. The amazing thing about Catholic Fundamentalism is that it actually does make us feel pretty good about ourselves. After all, if the same God Who programmed all creation in less than a week wants us to spend eternity with Him, we must be very special.