Vanity’s War on Goodness

Vanity’s War on Goodness began in Heaven.  “I am just as good as God!”, said the angel who wasn’t.  His disobedience came from this thought:  “No one is better than me.”

Those too vain to obey were thrown out of Heaven.  Vanity’s War on Goodness continued on earth.  Eve disobeyed God and ate the apple.  She got Adam to do so, too.  As the fallen angels before, they were thrown out of the place God made for them.

Vanity’s War on Goodness continued.  Cain killed his better, brighter brother.  History boils down to understanding the ongoing battles of Vanity’s War on Goodness.

Saul hated David.  Brutus hated Caesar.  Unbelievers hated Jesus.   In Vanity’s War on Goodness, the poor are encouraged to hate the rich.  Many of the rich are encouraged to despise the poor.  The hurtful hate the helpful.  Hate hates love.

In every generation, the vain strive for dominance.  “I am better than those hard-working, generous, kind, loving, caring people!  My hatred is better than their love!  I am better than they!  I will prove it by destroying them.”

Brutus and his less intelligent allies stabbed Caesar in the back.  Later, bureaucrats would try to kill Jesus, the Best of All.  When His death was reported, Vanity’s war on goodness was thought to be won!

When His well-guarded tomb was discovered to be empty;  when Jesus re-appeared;  when The Only Church He Founded came into Being’  when The Holy Spirit was promised to give His Guidance to the Good;  Vanity’s War on Goodness was lost!

With The Decree of Jesus:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”, Vanity’s War on Goodness was over.

“It is finished.” He said.  Catholics agree!  Now, Vanity’s War on Goodness is fought in our own minds, for our own souls.  We must do as He commanded, and “endure to the end”.

If we obey, Catholics may be blessed to have the only “keys to The Kingdom of Heaven” open those glittering gates for us!

May we each win our own battle in Vanity’s War on Goodness!

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