Was there really a Flood?

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We are taught to laugh at the notion of The Flood.  “Surely, you don’t take that seriously!”  Was there really a Flood?

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests:  “God has the power to program with 3-D pixels.  He, and His Angelic Programming Assistants wrote and downloaded The Creation Program so that His beloved Human Programs would have free will.   Each person may freely choose to believe and obey as much as they want.”

He is able to push the “repeat button” and have Galaxy Programs move across the sky easily as His hated Mosquito Programs orbit around us.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests The Garden of Eden was God’s “Beta Site”.  The complicated Human Programs interacted with the Plant, Animal, and Mineral Programs.  Necessary Programming Upgrades were joyfully provided.

When Adam and Eve got uppity and had to be evicted from the “Beta Site”, He showed them how to use the programming skills He’d programmed within them to feed and clothe themselves with something more durable than fig leaves.

Bad angels began an awful sin.  They combined their corrupted programs with human programs.  The spirit of rage took form as Tyrannosaurus.  Gluttony became Brontosaurus, and so on.  God washed them all away by having His Obedient Angels download so much water from the earth and sky that the world was flooded
The moon pulled a giant tidal wave around and around the earth.  Countless qtrillions of tons of water rolled across the crust and deformed it.  Mountain ranges were pushed up.  Particulates dropped out to become layers of sedimentary rock, as we see in the Grand Canyon.  The weight of the water compressed the particulates into layers.  Heat from upswelling magma melted much of what was there.

After 40 days, the rain stopped.  The tidal wave kept rolling, around and around the globe until the Earth Program was upgraded to His satisfaction.

Mr. and Mrs. Noah and their sons and wives were the only people on earth.

Things began again.  Lots of Free-Will providing details, like Carbon 14, fossils, oil, and natural gas, had been provided.  That lets modern intellectuals make a living by “proving”:  “The world is twenty billion years old!”