The only way to escape the effects of Martin Luther, worst of men.

Converts to Catholicism often realize:  “The Catholic Church was weakened when Martin Luther and his followers joined with corrupt political leaders to fund and justify schisms.  If they had stayed faithful, The Catholic Church would have been able to stop abortion and save the tiniest unborn babies from abortion-causing birth control chemicals and devices.   She had saved the children of Christendom from those who sacrifice children for more than a thousand years.  Now, just a few centuries later Luther began the first schism, tens of thousands of conflicting, competing denominations have left Christianity too fragmented to save the most helpless lives of all.

The devil loves these divisions.  Few ministers and few denominations can be pro-life when many married clergy are using the same destructive chemicals and devices.  Satan snickers at their vain pretensions of goodness as he draws their vain and sorry souls closer to perdition.

The cause and effect relationship becomes clearer.  The horrors brought by Martin Luther’s splintered Christendom become unavoidably evident.  Unborn babies are being killed because Christianity was divided by Martin Luther.  Never has one man brought about so many deaths.  He is the personification of evil.

Herod, Nero, Mohammed, the Khans, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others brought agony and death to hundreds of millions of people.  In all of history, not one person is as responsible for as many deaths as Martin Luther, worst of men.

His apostasy destroys us in other ways.  The sons of Ishmael are attacking Christians everywhere.  No one defends those whom they seek to destroy.  Influential people are bought off by big bribes.  The Church is too weakened by complaisant and cowardly denominations to take a stand.  Without the Catholic Church standing for Christendom, there is no rallying point for crusaders willing to defend our lands and families from the onslaught.

The Church is unable to defend we who have been led from Her.  She has lost earthly influence in direct proportion to the extent it has been splintered by those who embrace the legacy of Martin Luther, worst of men.

Destructive sins, from pornography to adultery, are increasing because of what Martin Luther did.  Our one recourse?  Return to The Church while there’s time.

The only way to escape the effects of Martin Luther.