We are enslaved by lies. Don’t let it bother you.

Why aren’t we more prosperous?  A lot of our money is taken from us by hordes of professional liars.  They invent and spread lies to make us poorer and convince us it’s for our own good.  We are enslaved by lies.  Don’t let it bother you.

Energy Lies are a perfect example.  The numbers are easy to understand.  The United States uses 8 billion barrels of oil a year.  Each barrel costs $100.00.  So, we spend eight hundred billion dollars ($800,000,000.00) for the BTUs (energy) in the oil we use.

The same amount of energy in a barrel of oil is much less expensive when provided by natural gas. Energy in the hundred dollar barrel of oil costs $20.00 in natural gas.  If a crash program was put into place, in two or three years, we would replace energy from oil with energy from natural gas.  Then, energy would cost us not eight hundred billion dollars a year.  It would cost 20% of that, or one hundred and sixty billion dollars a year ($160,000,000,000.00).

Each of us 300,000,000 Americans is now paying $2,133.00 per year for the energy from oil.  If oil was replaced with natural gas, we would each be paying a little over $400.00.  A working couple would see energy expenditures dip from $4,266.00/year to something over$ 800.00.

An innocent mind may ask, in varying degrees of outrage:  “Why doesn’t our government start a crash program to replace oil with natural gas?”

Why don’t our legislators look out for us?  Again, look at the numbers.  Oil producers realize that a tiny group of people in any nation have the legislative authority to do whatever they want.  They are Majority Leaders, Party Whips, Committee Heads, etc.  If the oil producers take one dollar from each of the 8 billion barrels of oil, they can provide a bribe of one billion dollars, every year, to each one of the 8 key people with the legislative authority to keep energy prices high.  Or, they can provide half a billion dollars a year to 16 key legislators.  Or, a quarter-billion a year to 32 important gate keepers.  Or, they can give a million dollars a year to 8,000 politicians.  Or, ten million to 800.  You get the point.

Remember, the barrel of oil only costs two or three dollars to be brought up from under the Middle-Eastern fields and another dollar to be brought over here.  Overseas producers can easily afford to spend another dollar a barrel on hordes of environmentalists, newspaper owners, and media moguls to provide cover for the ongoing robbery.  “Fracking causes cancer!” is typical of the lies that blare from media.

Simpler souls don’t know what’s going on.  Slightly smarter people may be angry.  Catholic Fundamentalism understands:  God uses Moslem bribes to identify which “Christians” will take bribes to impoverish their own nations.  The “Scourge of God” helps Him separate sheep from goats.

We should understand without complaining.  It’s important for our sanity and salvation to realize what’s really going on:  God uses political systems in every age to provide ample opportunities for more people to choose to love, or hurt, their neighbors.  Understanding that keeps us from hating corrupt politicians and gets us on the road to loving God and neighbor, even those taking the bribes that impoverish us.  We are enslaved by lies.  Don’t let it bother you.

Don’t worry about political corruption.   Instead, we should thank Him for providing so many ways that those who do not believe and obey can have their souls sent to the proper place.  Many arrive at the place of eternal pain and suffering by private jets and chauffeured limousines.  So, we should thank Him for showing us how important it is to avoid neighbor-hurting decisions and activities.

There are Education Lies, Medical Lies, Environmental Lies and many other very big lies.   The reports of many important Lie Committees are available on the header of this site.  Many find them interesting, if not amusing.

The big lies surrounding us make us poorer, but they help us understand:  There are lies everywhere.  We are enslaved by lies.  Don’t let it bother you.