We are the new Indians

We are the new Indians.  500 years ago, Anti-Catholics turned the guns of government against the unarmed Church.  Many became billionaires by taking Church lands and assets for themselves.

They found new unarmed neighbors to loot in North America.  They turned Indian tribes against each other.  After the Tribes were weakened, the Protestant establishment justified taking their lives and land.

“Turning people against each other is a great way to get rich!” became government policy.

We are the New Indians.  We are turned against each other.  Women are turned against men, black  against white, parents against unborn children, poor against rich.

The Protestantism that taught “We can save our own souls!” took political form in democracy. “We can rule ourselves!”  The harsh reality is hidden.  Those able to manipulate voters become powerful.  Others are reduced to poverty.

Compare the tax rates of Catholic Monarchs.  The 10% tax rates of their efficient governments are gone.  Now, sales, property, and income taxes that total 50% of income drives families into poverty.

Taxes for higher salaries, bigger benefits, swollen pensions and solving invented and imaginary problems make citizens helpless and subservient.  We are the new Indians.   We are encouraged to hate each other to distract us from realizing that we are being driven into poverty.

Since Babylon, governments have used drug addictions to raise even more taxes.  Every addict hates his neighbors.

We see that Indians were divided and destroyed in North America.  In Catholic-settled lands, there was no such extermination.  85% of their peoples still have Indian DNA.

That historical fact lets us understand:  The Catholic Church is the only force on earth that is able to counterbalance the state so that our lives, families, properties, and rights are protected.

As Catholics, we may be united and stand.  Divided among 45,000 competing denominations, we fall, just as the countless millions of Indians and their thousands of long-gone tribes.