We make “a Heavenly bank deposit” every time we pray.

Question 1: “How does praying make a deposit in ‘Our Soul’s Bank Account’?”

Answer: “Praying shows we are smart enough to know that God hears our prayers! Each prayer is a ‘holy photon’ that is deposited in our Heavenly Account.”


Question 2: “How does that work?”

Answer: “Every prayer may be considered as a ‘holy photon‘. Our soul sends those ‘holy photons’ to Heaven.”


Question 3: “What does God do with them?”

Answer: “Our prayers are automatically deposited into ‘Our Soul’s Bank Account’. It is part of our personal ‘Book of Life’ in Heaven. Then, our prayers go to Heaven’s Prayer Answering Department.”


Question 4: “What happens?”

Answer: “Our prayer request is sent to the Appropriate Department to be fulfilled.”


Question 5: “How is that done?”

Answer: “Angels put prayer requests into effect. Most prayers are sent into the soul, spirit, mind, or body of those who can provide what we pray for.”


Question 6: “What about prayers for us?”

Answer: “Most prayers for us include requests for help from other people. Those prayers take form in them.”


Question 7: “What happens to the prayers that are recorded in our ‘Book of Life‘?”

Answer: “They are deposits in our ‘Soul’s Bank Account‘. It is a total of all the prayers we have made for other people. The more times we pray for other people, the more ‘holy photons’ we have in our ‘Soul’s Bank Account’.”


Question 8: “When we go to His Judgment, what does Jesus see when He looks at ‘Our Soul’s Bank Account’?”

Answer: “He immediately sees our Soul’s Net Worth.”


Question 9: “How is that calculated?”

Answer: “Our ‘deposits’ are compared to our ‘withdrawals’.


Question 10: “How do we make ‘withdrawals’ from our ‘Soul’s Bank Account’?”

Answer: “Every time we willfully disobey Any Teaching of Jesus Christ in our thoughts, words, or deeds, our ‘Soul’s Bank Account’ has less in it!”


Question 11: “What do we learn from this?”

Answer: “We learn to pray more and sin less.”

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