Weeding the garden.

Good stewards get rid of the weeds in their yards and gardens. They don’t like pests, either. People who care about their property often poison, trap, or shoot insects and rodents that cause damage.

His Programming Instructions (Scripture) make it clear that God doesn’t like weeds or pests in His garden. He likes everyone in His garden to follow His Instruction Manual.

He punished Adam and Eve for disobeying Him. He even punished Moses for not being totally obedient. Saul, his personal choice for Israel’s first king, was also punished for disobedience.

We, ourselves, have neither the status of the first humans, nor are we leaders of a vast people, nor do we rule vast realms. If He would punish His own chosen, how can we lesser immortals hope to escape retribution for our own disobedience?

Where does disobedience come from? Just as the serpent led Eve into disobedience, we have living, spiritual beings in our own minds who try to lead us astray. These demons are less powerful versions of the snake, and every bit as cold-blooded.

We have, generally, several decades to pray-up enough strength to keep the evil spirits from leading us to disobey. All of us should be working far harder on that than we do so that we can stay in His garden forever.