We’re crazy not to move to Texas.

Big bubble bursting!

Rejoice and be glad:   There is one state where  elected officials care more about people than political structures.  Texas colleges now offer college degrees for $10,000.00.  That’s an entire degree, not just one semester, for ten thousand dollars.

Assume that a company with a hundred employees moves to Texas.  Maybe twenty of those employees have children in college.  Another twenty will have children who want to go to college.   We’re crazy not to move to Texas.

In other states, each child will spend over a hundred thousand for their degree.  And, they’ll lose more than that in lost wages.  In Texas, each and every child can save $90,000.00!   Over ten years, 40 children saving $90,000.00 saves the company’s employees $3,600,000.00.  If a company with a thousand employees with the same demographics moves to Texas, it’s people would save $36,000,000.00.

We’re crazy not to move to Texas.