What does “Sola Scriptura” mean? “Only Me!”

What does “Sola Scriptura” mean? “Only Me!” That’s why some people love it!

Recently, I heard Pastor Darlene Dimmer rave about “Sola Scriptura”. I was at her table when the third round of drinks was served after dinner at Disneyworld’s Monthly Sola Scriptura Symposium. “Using Scripture, alone!”, she gushed, “is The True Path to Jesus!”

Pastor Bob explained, “Sola Scriptura lets us use Scripture to help people find happiness within themselves!”

“That’s right!” Darlene said. “Sola Scriptura lets us pick one Bible Passage out of one place, cancel it out with a passage from another place, and do whatever we want!”

“How does that work?”, I asked.

Reverend Darlene answered: “Some of the older people in my church thought that sex outside of marriage was wrong! But, a lot of our donors were having sex outside of marriage. They weren’t about to stop! How could we make everybody feel good about themselves and still make our budget numbers?

“Sola Scriptura!”

She continued, ‘Scripture commands each of us to ‘Love your neighbor.’ Who are we to say someone doesn’t have the right to love their neighbor however they want?’ With Sola Scriptura as the only authority, no one can condemn anything anyone does!”

“She’s right!”, Pastor Bob added, staring at her in deep admiration. “Who’s gonna argue with Jesus? Who’s gonna argue with The Bible? We love Sola Scriptura! It lets everyone do what they feel is right!”

As I got up to leave, Pastor Bob and Pastor Darlene slid a little closer to each other. I knew why so many modern evangelicals liked Sola Scriptura.

I understood: “Sola Scriptura lets people do whatever they want. Sola Scriptura justifies giving into any desires! No wonder these people are anti-Catholic. They absolutely hate any higher authority telling them what to do.”

I could answer: What does “Sola Scriptura” mean? “Only Me!”

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