What makes people become Victims of Protestantism? #24.

Catholics have a New Idea that leads us to pray:  “May all be spared the agony of being among The Victims of Protestantism who knowingly and willfully disobey any Words of He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies!”


Question 1:  “What makes people become ‘Victims of Protestantism’?”

Answer:  “The Bible tells us in Numbers 16:1-50 that vanity led Korah to become a Victim of Protestantism when he tried to replace Moses while he was leading God’s believers out of Egypt.  God killed Korah and 14,700 of his followers.  They were early Victims of Protestantism.”


Question 2:  “What turns people into Victims of Protestantism in our time?”

Answer:  “Vanity has led billions of people to reject both the Church-Creating Word of The Prophesied Messiah and the ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’ He died to leave on earth:

‘And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.’

Willfully and knowingly rejecting His Church and ‘keys to The Kingdom of Heaven’, which include The Seven Catholic Sacraments, has kept the souls of many Victims of Protestantism from Heaven for the past 500 years.”


Question 3:  “Did modern Victims of Protestantism obey many Catholic Teachings?”

Answer:  “The ‘Thousand Year Reign’ of The Catholic Church began when Kings like Recarred, Clovis, and many Catholic Kings between Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and Russia were led by good Catholic wives to replace the Trinity-denying Arians.  Soon, many nations were Catholic.

As that ‘Thousand Year Reign’ (Rev 20:1-4) began to end (Rev 20;7-8), Luther, and many, let themselves be used to prepare for ‘The Second Battle of The End’.  Those Profiteers of Protestantism had good elements of The Christian Faith.  They honored This Catholic Teaching‘Life must be protected from conception until natural death.'”


Question 4: “How long did Willful Protestants follow That Catholic Teaching?”

Answer: “The best Protestant Denominations kept That Catholic Teaching.


Question 5:  “What happened to the Protestant denominations that stopped providing That Catholic Teaching?”

Answer:  “In the 1960s, those denominations began to DD&D:  Divide, Die, and Disappear.”


Question 6:  “What causes Willful Protestantism?”

Answer:  “The same demons that led Korah and his followers to fight against God and Moses can stay out of hell as long as they lead Victims of Protestantism in every age to believe ‘I know more than God about what is good.’


Question 7:  “Do Catholics see any hope for Victims of Protestantism?

Answer:  “Rev 19:20 tells us that condemned souls end up in ‘the lake of burning sulfur’.”


Question 8:  “Is there anything good about that?”

Answer:  “Catholics consider one cheerful New Idea!  Souls who knowingly and willfully choose to become Victims of Protestantism may spend eternity tormenting the souls and spirits of those who led them to that agonizing end.  That may be all the happiness they want.”