What leads some people to become Catholics?

There are thousands of Christian denominations.  Outside Christianity, there are additional thousands of religions, sects, and cults.  And, there are lots of atheists and agnostics who don’t really believe in any worrisome power beyond.  What makes some people become Catholics?  They play the odds.

The person who invented playing the odds was Blaise Pascal.  He developed the mathematical systems that have evolved into what we know as Probability Theory and Statistics.  Then, he asked himself:

“What is the safest bet that I can make?”  He analyzed risk and reward and determined that the safest bet would have the biggest reward and the least risk.  “If an affordable lottery ticket has a trillion dollar prize, only a fool will not buy one.”

He applied that analysis to his soul.  “If I have an immortal soul, living in total joy forever is worth a bet.  I only have to go to Church for an hour a week.  And, I must avoid doing a few things that would only get me into trouble.”

After figuring the odds, Pascal became a Catholic.

We may learn from Pascal.  We may live our lives to avoid the most dangerous risk, eternal suffering, and attain the greatest possible reward, everlasting joy.

Or, we may freely choose to tell ourselves, “There’s nothing wrong with me.  I like myself.  I’m such a good person that there’s no way that God, if He exists, would send me to hell.  No way at all.”  That’s one way to play the odds.

What leads some people to become Catholics?  They, like Pascal, play the odds and bet on the biggest reward, eternity in Heaven.

The Catholic Church offers a way to get there that doesn’t contradict or complicate two key Scripture passages.

The Roman Catholic Church is The Church closest to what Jesus said:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock I build My Church.”  And, it is the only Church that provides what Jesus said was vitally important:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

We want to remember that when we play the odds.