History tells us there are two kinds of “Looters”.

Why do nations fall? Their enemies overthrow them.

Every nation is attacked by two kinds of Looters.

1. Local Looters live in the country that’s attacked.

2. Foreign Looters live in invading nations.

All Looters agree! “We love to take land and money from those who have it!”


Looters justify themselves. “There are ‘good reasons‘ we must attack our neighbors! It is our duty to destroy them!”

Where do Local Looters get the money to support their propaganda? Foreign Looters!

~Two examples!

1. Foreign Looters in Protestant England gave money to Local Looters in France. In the late 1700s, they paid for propaganda to be provided by Local Looters. The Local Looters encouraged people: “We must hate our State!”

They changed public opinion from “Love your neighbor.” to “Kill your neighbor!” Looters got lots of land and money. The King of France was executed. Countless French people were killed.

2. 125 years later, Foreign Looters from Protestant Germany supported “Local Looters” in Russia. Gangs of armed Local Looters replaced the government. Millions of Russian people were killed.


Foreign Looters are driven by Greed. Local Looters are driven by Anger. Greed and Anger are encouraged by Pride. They are three of The Seven Deadly Sins.


History shows that every Looter hates four things!

1. Loving God and neighbor.

2. Families.

3. Freedom.

4. The Catholic Doctrine of Subsidiarity.


What is The Catholic Doctrine of Subsidiarity? “Problems should be solved at the lowest possible level.”

Every Looter knows! “It is hard to loot nations whose people support Church Teachings about God, Families, Freedom, and Subsidiarity.”

Looters agree! “We must destroy anyone who thinks we should love God and our neighbors!”

Catholics see that History teaches us how to identify Looters! “Everyone who hates The Catholic Church hates us for being Catholic!

What do Catholics do?

We pray for their souls! We begin by explaining that they have souls.

They hate to think about that!

What do Looters hate more than that? Realizing that there is a God Who will judge them!

Mostly, Catholics just feel sorry for Looters.