Where Do We Find Consistency?

If consistency is important to us, we look for it. The Roman Catholic Church has been encouraging us to love our neighbors for two thousand years. She has been utterly and completely consistent in teaching how important it is for our souls to love God and our neighbors. And, St. Peter’s Church has been “doing business” in the same location for that length of time.

There is not the same consistency among those who have chosen to hate their neighbors. We have seen anti-Catholic governments, Roman, Moslem, Fascist, and Communist whose core belief is that all who disagree with them should be killed. The “neighbor-haters” consistently agree that their duty is to control and enslave their neighbors. Where are they inconsistent?

They aren’t “doing business” in the same place, with the same name, for more than the few centuries it takes for their hate to destroy them.

The early Moslem empires were replaced by successors, as were those who came later. We saw the Fascists disappear in a few decades. Communists lasted a little longer. The Church, on the other hand, in the same place, still says the same thing: “Love and obey God. Love your neighbor. Save your soul.”

The Church has not been fragmented. Many Christians have left The Church to begin their own denominations while The Church Unchanging stands.

The Church is consistently hated for being faithful to “Love your neighbor” by those dependent on taxing their neighbors. But, at the end of the day, the most consistent thing on earth is The Roman Catholic Church, The Body of Christ.