Who hates The Church the most?

Mostly, Catholics leave The Church after giving in to a desire to commit sins that keep them from receiving Catholic Communion.

Rather than criticize themselves, they find fault with The Only Church Jesus Founded. “I have seen the light!” they enjoy saying sincerely from their new vantage point, often in an “Evangelical, Non-denominational, Bible-believing Family Church”. Often, the corners of their mouths are turned down to show how really sincere they are.

Their reasons combine a sad, stale sameness with lots of lies: “I wasn’t allowed to read The Bible when I was a Catholic.” is said as if it was true. “When the errors of The Church were pointed out to me, it was a relief to get away.”, many say, seeking approval from similarly weak people.

The errors are often justified by lies containing incredible errors. “The Catholic Church killed 500 million people for not being Catholic!” (Correct answer, “More like zero.”) Or, the ever-popular “The Church is worth trillions of dollars.” (Correct answer, “Less than a hundred billion dollars. It’s liquidation might give twenty dollars to each poor person in the world.”)

What motivates leaping into lies? Self-indulgence, often found in the approval of a person or group, becomes more important than the need to behave in such a way that we may participate in God’s clear statement of fact: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Those who leave The Church become anti-Catholic to the degree that their sin separates them from The Body and Blood of Christ. “I could get an annulment, but I don’t want to, now.” exemplifies minor, hopefully temporary separations.

“No Church is going to tell Me what I can and cannot do with my life!” describes those who are probably so separated by self-indulgence that it is less likely they will return to take advantage of The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus gave to Peter.

Ordinary Protestants and Pastor Bobs don’t hate The Church the most. Garden-variety agnostics and atheists don’t hate The Church the most.

Who hates The Church the most? A ravenous hatred for The Church founded by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies consumes those who embrace religions with liturgies centered around the death and destruction of innocent children.