Who’s to Blame?

We can drive through hundreds of thousands of American cities, see an endless number of once- nice homes in once- nice neighborhoods in which generations of once-nice children were raised, and not help but wonder, “What went wrong?”

Broken homes, drug addiction, functional illiteracy in every intellectual area, unmarried parents, lost children, and a lack of love for neighbors have destroyed a way of life that was the envy of the world.

A tiny handful blame freemasons for our problems, though few are sure quite what freemasons are. A handful of people think Jews are behind the destruction of the West. A growing number of people believe big government is the cause of all our social problems. Many say that our decline was caused by unions. Others hold that cabals of millionaires are destroying us. Drug dealers, pornographers, feminists, and media have been held responsible.

The real group that’s causing individuals, families, and society to crumble is a large, polyglot group. They are those who have chosen to believe that they do not have immortal souls and will not, therefore, suffer themselves to believe and obey God.

There’s not much we can do about it. We can, of course, explain about Catholic Fundamentalism’s approach, “God is The Loving Programmer. He is able to program particles and energies. He compiled them into The Creation Program. Then, He downloaded each of us within it. Our human programs were all written so that we would have free will. The Creation Program gives us the freedom to choose or reject Him. In rejecting Him, we reject the prophets who foretold the coming of He Who would provide our salvation.”