Why aren’t Jews so worried About Moslems that they seek Catholic allies??

It is a source of never-ending puzzlement, causing millions of people to wonder, “Why aren’t Jews so worried about Moslems that they seek Catholic allies?”

There are about 1,600,000,000 Moslems in the world.  There are about 13,000,000 Jewish people, one for every 123 Moslems.  Most of  the Moslems are taught that it is their sacred duty to kill every Jewish person they can.    Moslems are driving Jewish residents out of nations from Sweden to Syria.  Every day, there are fewer Jews, and more Moslems, in Europe and the Middle East.  The persecution will increase.  The odds are getting worse.

It is amazing, and disgusting, that, despite the ever more frequent attacks, there is no concerted Jewish action to mobilize public 0pinion for their own defense.  Most Jewish leaders simply ignore the threat, refusing to consider how serious it could be.  Pam Geller is one of a handful of Jewish people willing to publicly state how deadly the Moslem threat is.  She scornfully mentions other Jewish leaders who don’t think there’s a problem, at all.

Their obvious ally would be The Catholic Church, which most Moslems hate almost as much as they hate Jews.  So, people continue to ask, “Why aren’t Jews so worried about M0slems that they seek Catholic allies?”

Unfortunately, many Jewish people have recently gotten into the habit of believing that The Church is their enemy.   Recent history disproves that lie.  As recently as WWII, Rabbi Israel Zolli, the  Chief Rabbi of Rome, was so impressed with how bravely Pope Pius XII had protected Jews from Nazi exterminators that he chose to become a Roman Catholic.  Many  Jews of the period, like Golda Meir and Albert Einstein, also praised Pope Pius XII and The Church for having done so much to save so many of Jews from Nazi tyranny.

When that war was over,  some who made a profession of their ethnicity realized that, if Jewish people were neutral, much less, positive, about The Church, many of them might do what so many other Jews had done since the days of the Apostles.  Many Jews might read the prophets, realize that Jesus was the fulfillment of their prophecies, and become Catholics.

Still, some who knew the facts, were puzzled.  “How could The Church, who helped more of us survive the Nazis than any force on earth, be our enemy?”

Despite those questions, and the reality that prompted them, professional Jews, with many  eager helpers from professional Protestants and those anxious to get government funding and agencies to do the work done by Catholic schools, hospitals, and charities, worked diligently.  They mounted a half-century public relations campaign in a war to turn The Church into an enemy, not only of Jews, but also, of enlightened denominations and governments, as well.

Every day, it becomes more agonizingly obvious that Jews need Catholic allies to survive future Moslem attacks.  Today, Jews need Catholic allies more than ever.   To find allies among the world’s billion Catholics, they have to withdraw from those making slanderous attacks on Pope and Church.

It appears to many that some would rather die.