Why Imaginary Problems Are So Popular

The Loving Programmer downloaded within every human program the desire to do good. When the fullness of The Program, Jesus Christ, took human form and came to earth, He provided Operating Instructions to those who were called to believe and obey. He left two, basic commands: “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Those who love God will spend their lives working to obey those operating instructions. We’ll also try to follow the instructions provided in the First Programming Log, which include “Thou shalt not have any idols before Me”, and “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” A common belief of the lost is that their chosen idols and falsehoods do good.

When we look at the long parade of Imaginary Problems that distracts lost souls from He Who brought them into being, we see that false witness is being borne as they elevate Imaginary Problems to “idol status”. From Global Freezing to Warming to ozone holes, acid rain, dioxin, the plastic “gyre” in the middle of the Pacific, and the thousands of similar frauds, we see notions that lost souls have made into idols.

As they vie for funding, the world-wide “My Imaginary Problem is worse than your Imaginary Problem Contest” is, at first, absolutely laughable. But, watching liar after liar tell lie after lie can’t help but become depressing. (On this site, there is a location called “The Lie Committee”. It started out being fun, but identifying the self-serving lies that we’re being told every hour, and the reasons for them, can make one despondent, after awhile.)

It’s easy for we who work to save our souls, from our vantage point, to laugh at these people. The lies are so pathetically obvious, and their universal motive, “More money!”, so apparent that we may forget that each of these pitiful liars does have a soul. Those souls are buried beneath layers of lies, as the center of an onion by layers upon layers. It’s almost impossible for such thoroughly entrapped souls to escape.

We may be helping when we make fun of their intellectual pretensions and analytical abilities. But, calling them names, like “pseudo-intellectual nincompoops” and reminding them that they’ve never publicly embraced anything that turned out to be true, only hardens their hearts and drives them to more vigorously defend their favored frauds.

Some may conclude that’s the way it’s supposed to work. “It’s part of The Program that their souls be driven farther and farther from salvation as the lies around them become increasingly impenetrable.”

On the other hand, innocents among the tellers of lies may sincerely be trying to do good. They may actually believe the endless claptrap spewing forth from their misguided souls. When we consider that, and ask “How can any human be dumb enough to believe lie after lie, often contradicting earlier lies, without intentionally choosing to worship such idols and bear such blatantly false witness?”, we have proposed a hard question.