Women’s rush into lesser occupations and death.

In recent generations, a widening wedge has been driven between women and their futures.  Fewer women get married and have children.  Instead, more women go to school, get professional degrees, and take jobs that used to go primarily to men.

As a result of doubling the applicants for each job, men have a harder time finding work that will support their family.  The Culture of Death is happy.  “Women should not be enslaved by husbands and children.  They should have the joy of working, too.  It’s only fair!”

Women’s rush into lesser occupations, pseudo-status, and voluntary barrenness has changed the female focus from family and children to taxable employment.  Their wage-slavery is endlessly justified by the “need for equality”.

The ongoing perversion of priorities has been one of The Culture of Death’s great successes.  In teens and twenties, women are told, “You can have children, later.  Y0ur biological clock has plenty of time.”  After they’re thirty, they hear a new message:  “It’s too late for you to have children.  You’ve missed the window.  If you have children after thirty four, they’ll probably born with birth defects.  Better keep working.  Take a nice vacation, somewhere, and relax.”

Governments’ war against families is a new attitude from government.  In monarchies, Kings wanted to be sure that their realm would continue and prosper.  Now, as Democracies devolve into Bureaucracies, the prime concern is to increase government salaries, benefits, and pensions.  In every non-Moslem nation, future generations are sacrificed to enrich bureaucrats.  The altars of bureaucratic greed are served by barren acolytes;  tens and hundreds of millions of barren women, vestal virgins who are neither.

Those in The Culture of Death agree:  “We don’t want women marrying and having children when they leave high school.  We want them to go to college, be driven deeply into debt, and be forced to work, pay their debts, and be taxed while they do so.”   The Culture of Death’s intertwined educational and media structures don’t tell women that.  Instead, they cunningly convince young women that careers are the best way to be ‘fulfilled’.”

Birth rates are plummeting.  Women who’ve been flimflammed out of children by The Culture of Death are increasingly unhappy.  Immorality, drug use, depression, and suicide increase as they look for love in all the wrong places.  They are never encouraged to see the greater joy to be found by fulfilling their basic, loving natures and form the families that provide more joy than jobs.

Perceptive observers have noted a deeper reason for women’s widespread depression.  It comes from awareness of the children and grandchildren whose immortal souls they did not bring into being.

Is there anywhere to turn?

The Roman Catholic Church predicted the problem and has the solution:  “Do not have sex outside of marriage.  Birth control and abortion are mortal sins.  Be fruitful and multiply.”

Those who disregard The Church’s unpopular instruction?  In every nation in Europe, those who have abandoned The Church provide proof that The Loving Programmer has written The Creation Program so that it is self-weeding.  Every Moslem has a hoe.