Words, angels, and demons.

God has the ability to program angels, who are spirits with free will. Some angels obey Him, some don’t.

Men do not have the power to program angels, but we can produce words. Like angels, words travel through time and space. Like angels, words get inside minds and influence them.

Some choose to produce and compile words that glorify God, truth, and love. Others choose to produce and compile words that undermine God, truth, and love. When we tell a person, “You are fat, dumb, and ugly.”, we are planting evil, destructive words that influence a person’s view of themselves.

If, on the other hand, we say, “I am so glad that you are a kind and generous person.”, we are saying something that encourages both kindness and generosity.

Many of the thoughts we think involve using words for good or evil. Every word we say does the same thing.

We should all try to make the right choices in what we think and say. We want our minds to be fit places for angels to visit.