Wounded souls are darkened and may die.

When we attempt to picture our soul, we may visualize a small ball of light. Our soul actually is light, a living spark. It has the power to illuminate areas of darkness in our minds which it can then organize according to its light.

The vastness within our minds may be partly understood by seeing that in any part of it, like a drop of pond water under a microscope, there are many living beings. Clouds of demons, which for most of us are little more than charges of negative energy in our minds that seek to spread darkness over what we think, say, and do, can be brought under control of the soul, but that process is only useful if it is guided by He Whom we recognize as having actually programmed our soul out of nothing.

Each time that our soul does not admit its need to be guided by that vastly Higher Power, it tends to feel a burst of self-satisfaction that further alienates itself from its Creator. Each such deadly wound drives the soul to be dimmer than its wont.

Those who wish to separate themselves from any higher judgment than that which their current circumstances have turned into moral imperatives that relieve them of the responsibility of obeying The Programmer’s Operating Instructions have a harder job as the process of dimming continues. Since, if unchecked, the dimming will lead to any soul’s death, we must turn to the light.

We are helped in that process by the prophets. They repeatedly, and correctly, predicted the coming of that brightest of all light to earth in a series of writings that only a fool would ascribe to accident, coincidence, or fraud.