“It is wrong to show Jesus on the cross!”


Marketing Plan Denominations make a big deal of saying:  “It is wrong to show Jesus on the cross!”  They explain:   “We only have bare, clean crosses in our churches.   It is wrong to show His suffering, bloody body on the cross!   He is risen and so are we! ”

45,000 Marketing Plan Denominations have bare, barren crosses in common.   “We do not need to be reminded of the agony Jesus went through for us.  He suffered so that we don’t have to!  Now, Jesus is in Heaven.  Our plain, uncluttered crosses show that we’re on our way to join Him in Heaven!”  Such simple-minded twaddle impresses many.

There is a deeper, frightening symbolism of their barren crosses.  Their empty, impersonal crosses reflect the awful emptiness of their communion services.  Their crosses, like their communion, are unable to provide The Body and Blood of Jesus.

They will not let themselves notice!

Marketing Plan Denominations silently agree:   “We may and must compete with each other for donors.  But, we must all be united against The Catholic Church!  The Only Church Jesus Founded is so big, and so old, and so always present that it is a continual threat to our donor base, cash flows, and salaries.”

So, Protestantism’s Marketing Plans remove The Body and Blood of Jesus from their crosses.  And, they are unable to provide The Body and Blood of Jesus from their communion services.  And, they never take seriously the clear call to Catholic Communion that Jesus repeated an astonishing EIGHTEEN TIMES:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Few are bright or brave enough to ask:  “Why did they take Jesus’ bloody body away from the cross?  Why do they take Jesus Blood and Body away from communion?”

The answer is clear:  “How else can we make a living?”