Luther ended “The Thousand Year Reign”

CatholicChurchRevelation 20 tells us that The Thousand Year Reign ended when “the dragon was released from the abyss”.  Luther ended “The Thousand Year Reign” of The Church Jesus Founded.  The Roman Catholic Church had ruled Christendom for the preceding thousand years.

Catholic Kings were replaced by Protestant pawns, soon bloated on the surfeit of Church property on which they shamelessly gorged.  In many nations, Catholic priests, the thin line between God’s order and the dragon’s chaos, were hunted down, tortured, killed, and eradicated.  Turmoil ruled.

The Thousand Year Reign of Catholic Consistency was lost in every area of life.   Bigger ships sailed faster and farther.  Goods and armies went wherever money could be made.   Artillery revolutionized warfare.  Agriculture became more productive.  Fewer workers were needed.

Monasteries and convents could no longer care for the poor.  People migrated into town and cities.  They became raging factions that had to be appeased, like the Roman mob before The Church.

The assault on stability was fueled by a secret, intellectual force:

During The Thousand Year Reign of Catholicism, the smartest young men were drawn toward Holy Orders.  They were taught the greater joys of humility, obedience, celibacy, and poverty.   Thirty thousand monasteries, and countless thousands of Parishes and universities attracted the brightest and the holiest men and women, who prayed for their neighbors as they provided orphanages, schools, inns, and medical care.

When the dragon was unchained from the abyss, all that was good and holy was attacked.   Monasteries and convents were sold cheaply to Protestant profiteers and sycophants.  Throughout Europe, the smartest young men had nowhere to go but into worldly pursuits.

The men who would have become priests, began inventing gizmos and gadgets that profited their backers by putting others out of work.

Those efforts were quickly applied to war machinery.  Protestant Imperialists took over huge sections of the world.   The brilliant minds once devoted to love and charity in The Thousand Year Reign were led to think “I am Helping my neighbors by helping myself.”

This sanctimonious delusion was cherished and named:  “The Protestant Ethic”.  Few things are sicker than thinking we may help our neighbors by destroying their livelihoods, introducing chaos into their lives, destroying families’ finances, and believing that curing the results of sin with medicine is  just as good as teaching people not to sin.

Catholic teaching and Catholic priests had ever less influence.  Love of neighbor gave way to extermination, enslavement, and exploitation of the less-advanced.  Slaughters, from the tens of millions of North American Indians to the countless tens of millions of aborted babies in the last forty years have been justified by The Protestant Ethic in the days since The Thousand Year Reign was ended by Luther.

A favored poet of Protestant Imperialism unknowingly summed up exchanging the Saving Body and Blood of Christ for The Protestant Ethic in one sentence.  He even made it rhyme:

“But when it comes to slaughter, we will do our work on water, and we’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got  it.”

Was there a bright side?  There was a great winnowing when Luther ended “The Thousand Year Reign”.   His spiritual descendants still successfully separate the less faithful from The Only Church Jesus Founded.

The Church still claims the loyalty of faithful Catholics and continues to draw those blessed with a desire for Catholic Consistency on earth and Heaven, after.  We pray and plea for the faith to “endure to the end”.