Protestants believe in believing

paul cartoon


Facts are clear.  Jesus fulfilled the Prophecies.  He Founded One Church.  Protestants avoid it.   Why do Protestants protest?   Protestants believe in believing more than obeying.

Most people know little about The Bible and history.   They are easy prey for any ambitious Protestant man with a Marketing Plan.

Those who make a profession of leading people astray turn sheep into goats.  The difference?  Sheep are obedient.  Sheep listen to their true shepherd.  Goats tend to wander off on their own. They are more likely to be devoured.

Protestants do not admit that society’s problems are caused by denominational conflict, competition, and confusion.   They refuse to face facts:  “There are 43,000 denominations.  The only thing we have in common is disliking The Catholic Church.  That chaos in Christianity keeps us from saving 3,000 unborn babies from abortionists.  The same confusion keeps us from stopping Moslem invasion and the slaughters of Christians that follow. ”

Protestants do not protest that!   Protestants prefer to protest about The Catholic Church that is so Pro-Life it even teaches against using artificial birth control chemicals and devices because they harm unborn babies!    Why would anyone prefer denominations that have surrendered to Babylon’s love of death and sin?

Some are swayed by Pastor Bobs, who teach that good is evil:   “The Catholic Church sold indulgences!  Indulgences let people gain God’s favor by showing Him they were sorry for disobeying Him by offering prayers, good works, or giving money to The Catholic Church!  We are not saved by evil works, but by faith!   We only need to believe to be saved!”

Not a word about admitting that if all who understood were Catholic, we could stop abortion, invasion, and deadly sins, the fruits of Christian chaos!  No, just a silly obsession with income justified by the absurd details of 43,000 Protestant Marketing Plans.

The Talking Points of Protestant Marketing Plans are accompanied with practiced tones and facial expressions that convey a sense of superiority to The Only Church Jesus Founded.  Protestant Marketing Plans all avoid serious consideration of what Jesus said to one man, one time, “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Protestants are taught to ignore and to focus on imaginary meanings of the word “rock” in several early languages.  They do so, even as local abortion mills bring helpless babies to an awful end three thousand times a day and planeloads of those sworn to destroy them land nearby.

Who lets themselves be fooled?  This is where it gets interesting.  Protestantism lets anyone justify favored sins.  “I am saved by Faith and not by works!”  Not one Pastor Bob ever says, “Focus on all that Jesus said, including ‘If you obey My commands you are My friends.’   The Bible’s “Protestant Passages” are preferred;  they justify the Protestant focus on “Faith, alone”.

The desire to sin makes Protestants believe in believing:  “As long as I believe, I am saved.  Jesus lets all who believe into Heaven.  Rampant divorce, frequent remarriages, broken families, hurt children, untrammeled lust, fornication, lies, theft, hatred, unemployment by sloth, substance abuse, obesity?   I need not stop a single sin of mine as long as I believe.”

Such Protestant profundities pass pleasantly among them on the peaceful, placid path to perdition.