20. “History connects religion; people; politics.”

History shows us that religion, people, and politics are still the same.

Question 1: “How do political parties relate with religion?”

Answer: “Political parties need supporters. Seeming to favor a belief attracts people from that religion.”


Question 2: “Are there Historical examples connecting religious beliefs and political parties?”

Answer: “For thousands of years, Israel’s Party of the Pharisees believed they had immortal souls. They wanted leaders who kept thoughts of God’s Judgment of their souls in mind.”


Question 3: “What political Party opposed them?”

“The Sadducees did not believe they had immortal souls that would go to God’s Judgment. They supported officials who focused on satisfying immediate desires.”


Question 4: “Are there only two political parties: one that believes God will Judge them and one who doesn’t?”

Answer: “There is a Third Party. Scribes are drawn to whichever Party will pay them the most to publicize beliefs their employers support.”


Question 5: “Is that still true?”

Answer: “Nothing has changed. In every nation, Pharisees are supported by people who believe God will send them to hell for disobeying His Teachings. Sadducees attract people who want more and don’t care how they get it. Scribes still say whatever they are paid to speak and write.”


Question 6: “Is that all there is to politics? People who fear God’s Judgment; people who don’t; and people who repeat whatever they are paid to support?”

Answer: “Yes. There are only Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes.”


Question 7: “Does God care which political party we support?”

Answer: “God has always divided people into two groups and not three! We are either among “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”, or we aren’t.”


Question 8: “If we believe in God and His Judgment of our soul, which Party should we support?”

Answer: “God’s obedient ‘friends’ will support those who best obey “Love God and your neighbor as yourself.” Supporting Faith, Freedom, and Families helps His best ‘friends’ realize: ‘Life must be protected from conception until natural death.’


Question 9: “Does God use politics to identify His ‘friends’ on earth?”

Each Party has a different answer! ‘Yes. ___.’ ‘No. ___.’ ‘People should not think about that. ___.’

Catholics know: ‘Yes. ___.’ is the right answer.”

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