Catholics understand economics.  So do Babylonian billionaires.  “I want more money so much that I will destroy my neighbors’ jobs to get it!”

Their war keeps couples from marriage, children, and families.   “We can’t afford children.  Our taxes go up every year and our purchasing power goes down!”

The desire to bring new, immortal souls into being is distracted by  billionaires who own sports teams and anti-life entertainment.  media. Other billionaires provide them with chemicals to kill their tiniest unborn.

Once, executive salaries were, maybe, ten times that of their employees.  Following the founder of Methodism’s advice, “Gain all you can.”, many now get a hundred times, and more, than their average employee’s families are paid.

Where does the money come from?  A few decades ago, billionaires realized:  “I do not have to pay American families what they need.  I can move my factories to China, and pay 50 cents an hour.  For every American I’m paying $20.00 an hour, I can hire forty people!”

American families were decimated.  Today, the war continues.  “For every robot I buy, I can get rid of an American worker!  I can deprive another family of income!”

The Babylonians in government approve!  “This will make more people dependent on us!  We will need more public housing!  We will have more drug addiction, starting with Ritalin in elementary schools!   We will make children into addicts!”

They do not stop there.  “We will make drugs more expensive by making them illegal.  Then, we get to build more jails for even more addicts!   Public education will no longer teach reading, math, and history!  They will have to worship in our temples!   We will provide the only source of income!”

The attack on family dignity continues until life and freedom are replaced with drugs and endless orgy.

As always, The Catholic Church has the only solution.  “Subsidiarity requires that decisions be made at the lowest level.”

Subsidiarity,  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”, and “Thou shall not kill!” are why Babylon’s billionaires hate The Only Church Founded by He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies.