Protestantism, self-serving beliefs, and death.

It is hard to miss the connection between Protestantism, self-serving beliefs, and death.

In Protestantism’s early days, Martin Luther engineered “The Peasant’s War”.  He encouraged Nobles to use their trained troops to wipe out German peasants who did not follow Luther as obediently as he wanted. Luther “violently and passionately” urged the German princes to smite the “murdering and robbing band of the peasants”.  Over a hundred thousand were killed for disobeying Luther.

In the British Isles, Protestants killed a million Catholics, mostly in Ireland, and took their property.

In Protestant America, military veterans among the Pilgrim Protestants realized:  “We have guns.  Indians don’t!”

For the next two and a half centuries, countless millions of Indians were virtually exterminated in much of the United States.  Protestants, except the early Quakers and the Moravians, did nothing.  Some Protestants did piously translate Bibles into Indian languages, even as the speakers of those languages were being exterminated!

Pretending they were “doing good”by providing Bibles while not stopping the slaughters by other Protestants is one of the profoundest manifestations of hypocrisy in history.

During that time, The Catholic Church and Catholic Monarchs protected Indians in the Catholic Americas so well that, today, 85% of the people in Catholic-settled America still have Indian DNA.

The killing continues.  Protestantism is too afraid of losing donors to clearly condemn both abortion AND the abortion-inducing birth control that kills billions of tiny, unborn babies.

We do understand, after centuries of Protestantism, self-serving beliefs, and death.

“If a person says, “I am baptized, born again, and ‘filled with The Spirit.’  they believe they are excused for using abortion-inducing birth control to avoid the inconvenience of unwanted children.”