When I was a Protestant

1.  Knowing that my immortal soul was going to Judgment.

2.  Knowing that my Judge was He Who had said:  “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

3.  Knowing that I had willfully disobeyed His Great Church-Founding Decree.

4.  Thinking that He would “make an exception in my case”, and let me be among His obedient “friends” forever, even though I had willfully disobeyed His Church-Founding Decree!

5.  Not realizing that He would, by allowing a willfully disobedient person into Heaven, show that He was inconsistent!

I realized:  “I am not only disobeying Jesus, but also, I am willfully rejecting The Only Church HE Founded!  And, I am insulting Him by expecting Him to go against His Word and tell the lie that my willful, unrepentant, ongoing disobedience would put me among His obedient “friends”, forever