The second wave of Protestantism

Protestantism came in two waves.  The first wave of Protestantism, in the 400 years following Luther, remained faithful to most Catholic Teachings.

In the first wave of Protestantism, divorce was frowned upon.  Fornication was taught to be a sin.  Abortion was a crime.  Then, about a hundred years ago, the second wave of Protestantism began to wash away those remnants of Catholic Teaching.  More of Protestantism began to teach:  “Feel Good About Yourself”.

The second wave of Protestantism led many to believe “The most important thing for me to do is to feel good about myself.”

As a result, half of marriages end in divorce.  Confused children lurch through life.  Abortion and abortion-inducing birth control chemicals and implants have killed billions of unborn babies.  Some, as we once were, are no bigger than a grain of salt.   Many do not realize they have killed more children than they have.

As the decline became obvious, many Protestants left their “Feel Good About Yourself” denominations.  They searched for a “return to that old-time religion.” they knew in the first wave of Protestantism.

Many of those groups withered.  Now, Protestantism’s most successful groups are led by rock-star pastors.  They are social clubs for people without much money.  Lots of activities!  Great music!  Lots of “feeling good”!

Since Protestantism’s second wave, people rarely have more than two children.  Many have none! Few are raised in two-parent homes.  The confusion rages, encouraged by all on the side of sin.

The second wave of Protestantism is killing us!  The second wave of Protestantism washed over Western democracies, and people stopped having children!

The souls of our ancestors in Heaven are appalled!  “What is wrong with them!  Why do they let themselves be washed away in sin?  Why don’t they love life!  Why don’t they have children to love and cherish forever?

Despite the gloom around us, some of us know:   The Catholic Church still provides His Truth and Guidance.  We pray that all will respect His Great Church-Founding Decree:

“I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”