An odd look at History and how we fit in.

An odd look at History and how we fit in.  The Book of Wisdom was removed from the Bibles of Protestantism.  Why?  Protestants had to get rid of Biblical support for Catholic Indulgences!

2 Maccabees, 12:43: 

Protestant marketing experts realized, “We can’t just get rid of Maccabees!  That would be too obvious!  We’ll get rid of the entire Septuagint!  We’ll call all Seven Books ‘unScriptural’!”  So, despite Jesus having quoted from the Books of the Septuagint, the Seven Books were removed.

The Book of Wisdom contains what may be a curious prediction!  Wisdom 18: 14-15:  “For when peaceful stillness encompassed everything and the night in its swift course was half spent, Your all-powerful word from heaven’s royal throne leapt into the doomed land.”

Most commentators see that as a description of the deadly midnight visitation of the angels of death upon the first-born of Egypt.

It may be more!  Is it a guide to God’s Chronology?  “the night in its swift course was half spent” was around 1450 BC.  Was that point in time, almost 3500 years ago, “halfway to the end”?

Is the “beginning” of God’s timetable for the last half of The Big Movie around 6,000 (1450 + 3500) BC?

It was necessary to get His Actors on the right part of The Set.  He had to get them to Israel and unified.  Then, back to Israel.  Seven hundred years later, He got them to spread out.  In the early 700s, He had most of the Tribes deported from Israel by Shalmaneser.  They became the nuclei of later European peoples.

About 700 years after that, they had spread through much of Europe and the Middle East.  By that time, He had Rome unify most of the lands where His Tribes had become Celts, Scythians, and all the rest.

Then, Jesus!  Then, The Only Church Jesus Founded!  And, here we are today, marveling at the movements of billions of Actors over thousands of years as each one decides:  “Will I be in The Only Church Jesus Founded!