“Many are called. Few are chosen.” Be very afraid.

“Many are called.  Few are chosen.”  The phrase refers to people who get into Heaven.  As we look at all the people around us, the meaning is frighteningly clear.  Every day, we should remember this fact:  “Many are called.  Few are chosen.” and be very afraid.

Those who are saved pass through stages.  Hopefully, we do so in a progression in which our attachment to programmed entities decreases as we grow closer to The Loving Programmer.

That is called “growing up”.  “Growing up” is finding that every institution in the Culture of Death lies.   Many are so surprised to see that many revered and respected organizations are based on varying degrees of fraud, exaggerations, imaginary problems, lies, theft, and death that they stop growing up.

The Creation Program is very complicated.  So are the corrupted compilations of human programs that operate evil institutions within it.   Free-will human programs often choose to join organizations allied to the Culture of Death and claim to be doing good, even as their organization is involved in hurting their neighbors.   When those who do bad say they are doing good, their souls are driven more deeply into eternal pain with each such lie.

As the lies become more evident, there are choices for those who prefer truth and love.  Many turn to drink.  Others agree, “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em.”  Most  ignore the awful evil, waste, and incompetence and turn a blind eye.

Once in a great while, a few are moved to fight.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests:  “For free-will to truly exist, people must be free to kill and lie.  Judgment is meaningful only if people are free to make those choices.  We can only be free if we are not forced to fear Judgment and punishment.  That’s why The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program so anonymously.  That is what lets us be truly free.”

Each of us is free because none of us can prove whether or not God made us and what’s around them.  We have no proof that we should be afraid of what He might do to us if we sin.  Each is free to be sheep or goat.  Each one of us will go to Judgment without having been forced by physical evidence to believe and obey, or disbelieve and disobey, God.

We are free.  As The Programming Log tells us in Psalm 82:6, “Ye are Gods.”  We have been set free to make our own way to a joyful or to an agonizing eternity.  Be very afraid.