A new apology for The Church: If you do not have life in you, you have death.

Catholic Fundamentalism has been on Facebook for eight months.  It averages more than a thousand “likes” per month.  That’s a lot of “likes” for one of the most conservative Catholic sites.

Below is the end of a long, long exchange that has been going on for weeks with Jeff.  He’s a former Catholic who now spends an amazing amount of time and effort criticizing The Church.  He is one of the smarter Church-bashers.  Finally, a new argument has made him abandon the fight against The Church, or at least, against Catholic Fundamentalism.

It is a new apology, at least to me, and is in italics, below.  I thought at least a few Catholic intellectuals should be familiar with it, since it was enough cause one of our most vocal and persistent critics to stop.  I respectfully invite you to spend the necessary 90 seconds to see his attack and the successful apology for The Church.

J.P. to Catholic Fundamentalism:

1. I have shared with you the whole Scriptural context of Matthew 16:18 including many OT and NT verses that clearly show Jesus Christ is the rock spoke of in this verse. You have provided none.
2. I have shared with you from SCRIPTURE you the confined context of the passage within Matthew 16:18. The passage is about Christ, not Peter. Jesus immediately calls Peter “Satan” on top of this.
3. I have shared with you from SCRIPTURE Peter’s own words about his own view on domineering and that he was a fellow elder, not an authority. He also calls Jesus the cornerstone of the church in two places.
4. I have shared you from SCRIPTURE the Apostle Paul’s writings, including showing you Romans 16 of which greets many people, but not Peter who supposedly was in Rome and “pope”
5. I have shared with you from SCRIPTURE the aftermath of Matthew 16:18 and Peter’s fallible character, thus refuting the RCC’s claim on infallibility on faith and morals.
6. I have shared with you from SCRIPTURE, that IF Peter was “pope” as you claim, Jesus undermined his authority and rebuked him several times over, hardly sounds like an infallible pope.
7. Peter I not mentioned past Chapter 15 of the Act of the Apostles 28 Chapters, and Chapter 27-28 details Paul’s trip to Rome, doesn’t mention “pope” Peter waiting on Paul there.
8. I have cited Galatians 2:7, Paul’s mission to the Gentiles, Peter’s to the Jews, doesn’t sound like a papacy to me.
9. Yet Catholic Fundamentalism continues to cite Matthew 16:18 without any points or context to support his position. Like I said earlier, maybe you should really let the RCC handle teaching its doctrine, you have utterly failed to convince anyone and would go so far to say even your fellow RC’s of your position, they may not like mine, but at least my position is supported by God’s word, yours is supported by PURE conjecture and eiesigesis.

Catholic Fundamentalism  to JP:

All I see in your argument is more avoidance that confirms the desperation that all schismatics have to escape the clear, direct sentence “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.” You are not the first schismatic on this site to weasel out of that very simple, declarative sentence. NOW, this is a key point: Jesus said, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that you, who refuse to worship in the only place that offers His Body and His Blood do not “have life in you.” Instead, you have death in you. Proof? Because of you schismatics, the Pro-Life Christians are divided among many denominations and are not able to exert meaningful enough political pressure to stop abortion in democracies. If you Pro-Life Christians would be loyal children of The Church, abortion would be stopped. THEREFORE, you love your vanity more than innocent life and you do have death in you.

J.P. to   Catholic Fundamentalism :   I guess by the showing you and sharing you actual Scriptural context over and over again, all I can do is allow the Holy Spirit do His job if He has chosen you to do so. I will leave now.

Catholic Fundamentalism: It’s much easier to “leave now” than to actually refute the points in my prior post. You are not the first schismatic to bail out from these discussions, but you did last longer than most. You may have a better chance of returning, having His Body and Blood and life within you than most. Hope you make it!

A new apology for The Church:  If you do not have life in you, you have death.  By separating themselves from The Church, Pro-Life Christians divide themselves into schisms.  In democracies, the divided Pro-Life voters are unable to stop abortion.  Since they are not in The Roman Catholic Church, they cannot receive The Body and Blood of Christ.  Every day, 3,500 unborn babies are destroyed because The Roman Catholic Church’s forces against the Culture of Death have been diminished.

Protestant schisms allowed abortion to begin and keep it from being stopped.  Many Christians in schism don’t realize they are part of the Culture of Death.