Those in schism must know that punishment follows crime.

Egyptian tomb paintings showed souls being weighed, on balance scales, to see where they would spend eternity.  Medieval Catholic art pictured an angel, holding similar scales on which souls were judged.

The judgment of souls has been clouded by schismatics.  “I am a good person.  I believe in God.  I am going to Heaven.”  Even more presumptuous are the pompous announcements:  “If a good person like me cannot get to Heaven, then God is unfair, and I don’t want to be there.”

Schismatics replace God and Church with self.  One type of schismatics believe their salvation has been determined.  “Free will is a delusion.  God has already judged everyone.  He has determined that everyone in my schism will be saved.”

Other schismatics are proud to let us know what will happen to them at Judgment:  “I was saved, many years ago.  I haven’t needed to go to church since.  For several years, I have been part-owner of a very profitable abortion clinic.  But, because I was saved once, and I was saved, I truly was, then I am always saved, no matter what I do.”

Another type of schismatic is beyond the need for human help.  “The people in our schism do not recognize the validity of the Pope or any of those so-called “bishops” or “priests”.  We deal directly with God.  We don’t need any middle-man.  The Holy Spirit is all we need, and I have a few Scripture passages to provide all the proof that’s necessary.”

Amazingly, schismatics are too overwhelmed by the supposed majesty of their own thoughts to wonder if there isn’t a degree of vanity in their beliefs that makes them actually unpleasant to God.


All schismatics disregard two simple, basic instructions that come directly from Christ.  The first is “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”   That’s about as clear and simple a sentence that there is.  It confirms Peter as the first Pope.  The “Thou art Peter and on this rock, I build My Church.” passage confers Christ’s legitimacy on Peter’s Church and his legitimate successors.

Christ’s second simple instruction that those in schism fail to follow:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Christ’s third simple instruction is the blatantly obvious conclusion that His Body and Blood are only available in The Roman Catholic Church He founded on Peter.  Naturally, schismatics make every possible mental gymnastic to avoid that.

When schismatics are reminded that they should deal with those three basics, they gloss over them.  “It’s not necessary to think about those two passages and their natural, logical conclusion.  We’re worried about more important things than what Jesus said.”

What causes such departures from the clear, simple teachings of Christ and His Church?  What makes over 30,000 schismatics say:  “My ladder to Heaven is best!”?

Sometimes, it’s vanity.  Many want to be important.  Other times, it’s money.  As one of the first schismatics, Simon Magus discovered, “There’s big money in this Christianity business.  I want to get some!”   Some successful schismatics are so gluttonously blatant about it, with private jets and mansions, that people turn to The Catholic Church’s Vows of Poverty with relief.

Others pompously announce,  “I’m dealing directly with The Holy Spirit.”  We, hearing such self-important pronouncements, may roll our eyes at such  vain presumption.

But, there is nothing funny about it.  Today, and every day, 3,500 unborn babies are done away with.  If all the schismatics who say, “I’m dealing directly with The Holy Spirit.” were loyal Catholics, and voted accordingly, we would have many more Congressional seats.  The less splintered Pro-Life people would have stopped the slaughter.

So, it’s not enough to look at schismatics and feel sorry for their mistakes.  Nor should we mock their intentional avoidance of the instructions provided by The Christ they do not worship enough to fully obey.

We must, instead, recognize that the blood of innocents flows because they love their schism more than the lives of their unborn neighbors.  The ongoing slaughter of innocents began with, and continues because of, their failure to follow Christ’s denominational instructions.  Schism allowed abortion to be legalized and schism allows it to continue.

Apostasy is a spiritual crime.  It is made worse by pretending that disobedience is actually obedience.  Those in schism must know that punishment follows crime.  They must at least ask, “How likely is God to want me in Heaven after I’ve spent time dividing His Church so that The Roman Catholic Church would not be able to stop the Culture of Death?”

On the other hand, if a person were so truly Pro-Life as to understand that one large, obedient group can work effectively in democracies to save lives, and become a Catholic to help The Church save the unborn, salvation would be more likely.