Getting the best perspective.

Cain was a vicious killer.  Abel, an obedient believer.  What made them different?  The answer is in Christ’s words, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Closeness to God, then, is the most important “life” we can have.   What makes some want to draw closer to God?  Why do others stay away?

Those with the best perspective seek God.  Those with narrow viewpoints are only able to see smaller issues.   They can’t develop enough perspective to see beyond small concerns.

As we grow closer to God, we will gain better perspective.  We see bigger problems and bigger solutions.  As we try to do something about problems most offensive to God, we become closer to Him.

One way to judge how much perspective people have:  See what they believe to be great evils.  Shallow, short-sighted souls worry about Imaginary Problems:  “Global freezing/warming is our greatest threat.”  Many bewail automobiles.  Other people worry about droughts, floods, deficit spending, taxes, and other things.

People with greater perspective say:  “The greatest evil in history is the intentional destruction of five hundred million unborn neighbors by abortionists.”

Catholic Fundamentalism has this perspective:  “Half a billion very young people were killed because all the Pro-Life people were not, and are not, united in  the largest Pro-Life organization, The Roman Catholic Church.”

All Christian denominations do have Pro-Life people in them.  But, their often-strained budgets cannot survive if they ignore the many pro-choice people in their pews.  So, the newer groups tend not to be as  enthusiastically Pro-Life from the top down.

Getting the best perspective.  People who are truly Pro-Life know that we need votes to pass legislation to save the unborn.  Votes to elect Pro-Life legislators are best obtained by becoming unified as Catholics.

We all have enough perspective to realize that what Pro-Life people have been doing has failed to stop the deaths.  We all need a better perspective.   That better perspective tells us:  Pro-Life people need to stop being part of the problem.  We need to be united as Roman Catholics, so close to God that we eat His Body and drink His Blood in the only place that actually puts God in us.

Then, we have better perspective.